Zone 2/22 Floodlights
  • ATEX Certificate Number: CML 18 ATEX 3037X
  • IECEx Certificate Number: CML 18.0026X
  • II 3 G D

  • Ex ec mc IIC T4 Gc

  • Ex tc IIIC T105°C Dc

Main Features
  • Patented optical technology
  • Long life LED
  • Easy installation, maintenance and inspection
  • Suitable for extreme conditions
  • Wide operating temperature range of -50° to +60°C

The Ex Dynamics LFZ floodlights are intended for use in Zone 2/22 Hazardous areas. The LFZ range benefits from a robust, low profile marine grade LM6 aluminium housing with extensive cooling. A precision machined seal provides an IP66 rating for outdoor or indoor use and ensures the utmost in reliability and performance under even the harshest of conditions.

Key Specifications

Input Voltage Range: 180 – 277 VAC

Lumen Output Up To: 13,400

Gas Temperature Class: T4

Temperature Range -50 to + 60

The Ex Dynamics LFZ range is available in two base sizes, with a range of lumen outputs from 4,500 to 17,900 lm.  LFZ6 & LFZ8 (left) and LFZ12 & LFZ16 (right) dimensional drawings are shown below.

Full Specifications
  LFZ12/230 LFZ12-HT/230
Input Voltage Range 180 – 277 VAC
Input Power 140 W 92.5 W
Max. Input Current 0.9 A 0.6 A
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Power Factor > 0.95
Enclosure Size Large
Lumen Output 13,400 9,000
LEDs 24 LED 24 LED
Beam Angles 23°, 32°, 71°, 91 °
Weight 14 kg
Ingress Protection IP66
Gas Temperature Class T4
Dust Surface Temperature 105 °C
Lower Temperature Limit – 50 °C
Upper Temperature Limit 50 °C 60 °C