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Pioneering LED Lighting

For Harsh and Hazardous Environments

Ex Dynamics has developed Elise™ lighting technology (Encapsulated LED injection system – Explosion-protected) for use in potentially explosive, hostile and heavy industrial environments. It has been designed to eliminate common technical and human-centric issues associated with traditional LED such as disruptive glare, colour shift and precise and versatile optical control. The technology is used in portable handheld and temporary work-lights, and the fixed lighting products including bulkhead and linear (matrix) fixtures.

There are many benefits to this technology over traditional LED lighting:

Superior CRI and colour definition

Zero colour shift with beam angle

UGR is extensively reduced

Increased useful lumen output and efficacy

High reliability and longevity (130,000 hrs at L70B-10)

Consistency and uniformity of light

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Encapsulated LEDs are mounted at each end of an acrylic bar, the bar being the medium that captures and contains light emitted from the LEDs. A reflector strip is placed on the bar to extract the light in the required directions,

with the required beam angles. There are different reflector widths for different applications but in principle, 1mm of reflector width equates to 6° of beam angle.

The Elise™ modules are placed in pairs, facing backwards and forward, with each product in the range utilising one or more bar assemblies depending on the application of the product.

The effect of this technology results in a pleasant, highly efficient and even light distribution with all the traditional advantages of LEDs. The use of the clear acrylic bars means less lux at the LED source is required than designs with a diffused approach which has clear benefits for cost, heat sinking power efficiency and efficacy.

The consequences of this design on glare are obvious to all that use these products – the light distribution from the products is even with no obvious ‘spotting’ from the surface.

About ex dynamics lighting

Ex Dynamics has designed a range of specialist lighting for hazardous and heavy industrial applications . The team behind Ex Dynamics has a vast combined experience of designing and certifying hazardous area products for global explosion protection applications.

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Many installations suffer from poor lighting, much of which requires routine, costly maintenance. Traditional lighting technology, such as fluorescent tubes, still exist in many installations and by moving to LED technology, cost savings over these old technologies can be up to 80%. But the cost savings are only part of the benefit. When done correctly, LED lighting can transform working environments, making people more productive and improving safety and security. The quality of LED lighting fixtures in the market is extremely variable, and a lot of manufacturers choose not to use secondary optics for cost and ease of manufacture reasons. The issue with this is that it makes the quality of light emitted poor, giving rise to unpleasant glare and requiring more luminaire lumens as the light is poorly controlled.

Elise™ technology addresses this, only directing light onto the surface on which it is required, providing a high quality of light output, minimising glare, maximising quality and colour rendition with a level of uniformity not achievable in other technologies. Add to this that Ex Dynamics lighting is designed for a life of 130,000 hours and is virtually maintenance-free, runs cooler than other technologies and is thermally managed to extend the LED life with the Ex Dynamics Lighting LDX drivers designed to run at optimal performance for longevity – our philosophy is to “fit and forget” and benefit from the cost reduction and productivity benefits that Ex Dynamics Lighting offers.

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